A Different Perspective

Last night I dragged a mattress out onto the balcony to watch the sky. At our house in the village I had never seen the sky like this, full of clouds. In summer you wouldn’t find even the trace of a cloud, the sky would be clear and you could just see a very bright moon and more stars than you could ever count. Last night though the sky was full of clouds, the moon was still very bright and the stars still more then I could count. I don’t know for how long I just lay there and watch the sky, but it felt like the moon had moved towards the horizon.

I had never seen clouds moving as fast as they did last night. Every second there was a new work of art created by the movement of the clouds. At some points the clouds were so light that the moon could just shine through, but some parts were so dark that they looked like the sky itself. Then it would seem that the moon was hiding behind the sky.

I was really tired, but I couldn’t get myself to look away. I decided to at least take off my glasses because I had already broken three pairs of glasses this month and I was determined not to break a fourth. What I saw then was the same sky in a kind of blurry way, but not any less amazing than it had been before. I never really appreciated the fact that I had to wear glasses, I always broke them or lost them and then I’d have walk around in a blurry world where everything is unclear.

A few years back I had a friend who was also shortsighted like me. We were lying in almost the same spot and watching the sky. It was summer, the sky was clear and there were endless stars in the sky. I was counting shooting stars and the ones that were not very bright my friend couldn’t see, so she asked me to borrow my glasses. She watched the sky through my glasses for a bit and then gave them back to me. She told me that she doesn’t like wearing glasses because they make everything more “real”, without glasses the world seems more magical, almost like a fairytale. It’s true, when I take off my glasses I’m not blind (as some people think) I just don’t see every detail. It’s like dreaming and it really does look more like fantasy than reality.

Looking up the sky last night I knew that there was no one who saw the exact same image as I did. Not just because everyone interprets what they see differently, but also because no one has exactly the same bad vision as I do to see the world the way I see it. I felt like I was in a magical world that nobody but me could see.


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