Changing My Mind


When I was small I used to believe in Santa Claus.  I believed this because when I was small we used to be at my grandmother’s house for Christmas and somehow the presents under the Christmas tree would appear without me noticing anything. We could be at the dinner table and all of a sudden I would see presents under the Christmas tree which weren’t there before. My parents would always have the perfect timing and therefor I would think that Santa Claus had somehow magically put the presents under the tree. One year though I was very determined not to miss Santa and I had also become a little older so that I had heard a lot about Santa Claus not being real which made even more suspicious. Because I just wouldn’t leave the tree out of my sight my parents weren’t able to put the presents there the way they always did, so they started telling me to go and bring something from the kitchen or go up to my room for a second and that was when I realized that they were actually getting me the presents and not Santa Claus. I don’t have any similar beliefs now, for example I still hope that magic is real, but deep down I cannot really get myself to believe it. If something magical or really unexpected would happen to me though it might make my beliefs stronger. I think that I changed my mind about Santa for a cause, because a cause results in something and in my case it resulted in not believing in Santa Claus and the cause was me noticing that my parents were placing the presents under the tree.

The difference between a cause and a reason is that a cause is an event or action that results in something happening, but a reason is why something happens.


One thing I believe now and will probably believe forever is that everything happens for a reason. I think that I believe this because it simply represents some kind of hope for me. Some people prefer to believe in religion because they might try to make sense of life since science cannot explain everything, but I’m not quite sure in what to believe and what is real or not, so I simply believe in that everything happens for a reason. What made me believe in this is probably the fact that I just have the need to believe in something bigger than what I see and to have something I can hope for when I feel bad. I would probably stop believing this (the way I once did) if something awful happened to me because even though bad things can also happen for a reason I don’t think that in that very moment I would agree with this. This belief is more emotional than rational, because it is simply something I believe in order to not lose hope. Other people’s opinions about this topic would probably vary, but I think that most people would agree that this belief is emotional rather than rational. If this belief turned out not to be true I probably wouldn’t know and wouldn’t care, because nobody can really prove that my belief that everything happens for a reason is not true.


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