Escaping Life

“Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.” – Lemony Snicket

For me books are one of the most amazing things ever. Indeed they’re also an escape from everyday life. When you read a book it’s like you just escape the boring or sad world you live in and take a journey to basically anywhere you want. Depending on the book you can go to Narnia or go and fight dementors with your best friend Harry, basically you can go anywhere the book takes you.

Not everyone feels like they can actually escape the real world when they’re reading, but for me, if I really like a book I don’t notice anything going on around me. I can go without eating a day and not even realize it, I probably wouldn’t even realize it if my home was on fire.

They are much better than movies in my opinion. Movies show you everything, they tell you exactly what a character looks like and they don’t leave much up to your own imagination. Movies could be interpreted by different viewers differently, but surely not as much as books. Books are different for every individual.  Usually when I read a book and afterwards see the movie I’m disappointed because I already visualize every detail about the book in my mind and the movie shows me something different. Also a movie doesn’t help me escape, it’s too short and I can think about books much longer after finishing them than about movies.

Basically when I feel upset, or when I’m bored or just when I want to enjoy the story of someone else’s life instead of mine I open up an amazing invention called a “book” and I’m off to another planet.

Oh… and it takes much less effort than running for your life (:


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