Lying in the Rain

This evening when I got out of the bus it was raining. The bus stop is a couple of minutes away from my home, so I had to walk through the rain. At first I really didn’t want to get wet, but I had neither an umbrella nor a proper jacket, so I just started walking as fast as I could. I had my headphones on and was listening to “Time of our Lives” by Tyrone Wells. Once I got halfway across the park, which is between the bus stop and my house, I was already wet and the rain had picked up, but I really started enjoying the weather. I decided to walk around the park instead of going home and got even more wet, which I really enjoyed. So I just lay down on the wet grass listening to my music and even though I ruined all my clothes, might have gotten really sick and honestly had tons of homework to do I couldn’t have cared less. The view was amazing and it felt great.

What I started wondering about was if it is more important to live in the moment or to make sacrifices for your future happiness. I still don’t know the answer, but I believe that there should be a balance between the two. I don’t think anyone should live everyday like it’s their last because it might not be so and then what would they have left? But if someone was to die tomorrow wouldn’t it be a shame if they spent their last day working hard for a goal they could never achieve? I won’t find the mathematical ratio or the perfect solution to this problem, all I know is that I do want to enjoy every moment, but still achieve my goals.


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