Living Among The Dead

Once I saw something on TV that was really fascinating and utterly terrifying. There was a picture of people living on a graveyard. The story behind the picture was also very interesting. The picture had been taken in the cemetery of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Manila is one of the cities with the highest population densities on earth and it is also a city with many poor and homeless people. Because of these problems they decided to let the homeless live in the cemetery of Manila for free. They can even live in the mausoleums. The only thing the people living there have to do is keep the graves clean.

The people are really grateful for this opportunity and the citizens who have their friends and families buried in the cemetery respect the fact that the poor need a place to live. What seemed really fascinating to me is that people are not scared of the dead. Even the small kids don’t mind and play around the cemetery as if it is a park. One kid said something which I thought was shockingly true, he couldn’t have been more than ten years old and he said that there is no reason to be scared of the dead bodies because they’re dead, but the people who are alive are the ones who can harm us. I thought this was really impressive because usually a cemetery creeps most people out and isn’t really considered a comfortable place, let alone a place to live and raise a family in. Then again the kid had probably lived there his entire life so he had gotten used to it. Nevertheless he was right when he said that the living are actually the ones we should fear…

30 Oct 2008, Manila, Luzon Island, Philippines — Image by Dannis M. Sabangan
30 Oct 2008, Manila, Luzon Island, Philippines — Image by Dannis M. Sabangan

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