The Perks of Poor Eyesight

I have worn glasses for half of my life now. Once I turned nine my eyesight started getting worse and worse and ever since I had to see life through ever thickening glasses. Over the years my glasses have changed. First I had really expensive glasses, which I forgot on a random bus, so since then I always got really cheap glasses, in fact I bought my last glasses for ten Turkish lira. I had small glasses, big glasses, glasses with thin frames and glasses with really thick frames. I wore glasses in all kinds of colors, but even though I liked some of them, in the end they really bothered me. The problem with glasses is that you are constantly reminded that you really don’t see as well as other people do. When I looked down everything was blurry, when I looked too far up everything was blurry, when I couldn’t find my glasses my day was just a blur. Obviously people who wanted to try on my glasses and then said “Wow, you really cannot see!” made me realize that I didn’t see as clearly as them to.

However I’d like to point out that I don’t really mind having bad eyesight. The reason for this is a friend of mine who also has to wear glasses. We lived together in the same room for half a year and she rarely wore her glasses in comparison to me. I always wondered about how she wasn’t bothered about seeing everything as if it was covered in mist. We went on vacation together and one night we decided to just lay on the balcony and watch the stars, again she wasn’t wearing her glasses and I decided to take a look at the sky through my naked eyes as well. I just saw a blur of light and it seemed like a waste of a beautiful sky to me, so I asked her why she wasn’t wearing her glasses and she gave me an answer I didn’t expect at all. She told me that she liked seeing the world through her bare eyes, especially because she couldn’t see clearly. She said that she felt as if she was living in a fairy tale when she didn’t wear her glasses and after she said that I started appreciating my crappy eyes as well. Instead of feeling blind I started feeling like I was seeing something special, something no one else could see. The stars in the sky weren’t separate and clear, but they were now a magical unison of what appeared to be fairy dust.

So I started wondering through life without my glasses more often. My imagination grew because I needed it when I didn’t actually see everything that was in front of me. However I couldn’t use too much imagination in school, I actually had to see what was written on the board, so I had to go back to wearing my glasses. Eventually I got too bothered and got contact lenses. However I couldn’t manage to put them on because it requires me to literally put something on to my eyeballs, which is an utterly disturbing thought. But somehow after wasting two pairs of contact lenses and about six months I finally managed to put them on. I didn’t expect contact lenses to be much different from glasses, but I felt like I was looking through brand new eyes. I had not seen the world as clear for over 10 years especially without the constant barriers the frames of my glasses provided. I could see every little thing without carrying my heavy glasses on my nose, without any obstacles, so I guess I felt somewhat like I had super powers. Of course many people see that well without sticking lenses onto their eyeballs, but for me it was a brand new world.

So I stopped feeling sad about my poor eyesight and started appreciating the fact that I could see several worlds. A world where I have to rely mostly on my imagination because I cannot see everything, which makes me feel like I’m in a fairy tale of my own and another world where I see everything clearly, which still didn’t stop to fascinate me.


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