Appreciate Before it’s too late

When families grow apart, there is something that often brings them back together. When something terrible happens people tend to face reality and understand that nothing lasts forever and that the people they love will not always be there. So people start to make amends, try to fix problems and basically want to stay close to their loved ones. I’m not saying that all families need some kind of tragedy in order to find each other, but sometimes it helps people to appreciate each other again.

The last time I saw most of my family together (the German half and the Turkish half) was at a funeral. After such occasions family members seem to be close, but as the months and years pass they slowly drift apart again. It seems that death doesn’t just take away someone; it also reunites the remaining people.

Suicide can have an even more drastic effect because it’s preventable. When someone commits suicide they usually don’t do it for no reason. Even if the reason is not a broken family the suicide could probably still be prevented through the help of family.

When someone in your family commits suicide you can feel the effect it has on people. The way your mother looks at you and tells you that you can always talk to her and that she will always be there for you. Close family members which had stopped talking to each other suddenly meet and try to solve their problems. Desperate people want their loved ones close to them and try to always keep an eye on them.

It seems like people sometimes need that push of a tragic event in order to understand the value of family and friendship. For the person that loses their life though, it is too late.


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