Just Do Your Best

The other day I read a poem by Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu called “Karınca” which means ant. A human and an ant were fighting about who is superior.

The ant had somehow managed to get onto the 46th floor of a building which surprised the human. The human thought he was better than the ant in every aspect so the ant challenged him. The human was so sure of himself that he took the challenge and so they both jumped out of the window. The human fell straight to the ground and died, while the ant was still falling in front of the 43th floor. So it turned out that the ant was indeed superior in some aspects.

Anyhow the lesson is that one cannot be the best in every field. Sometimes others are just better and there is no point in denying it and ending up wrong, hurt or maybe even dead. I don’t even understand why it’s just so important for some people to be better than the rest, why isn’t it just enough if everyone does their own best without having to be better than everyone else?

Not everything is a competition, but if you take everything as one… you’re going to have a bad time.


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