The word Kaleidoscope is Greek for “beautiful form to see”. Yesterday I was looking through a kaleidoscope, it was beautiful and the constantly changing shapes and colors amazed me.  I used to look through kaleidoscopes a lot when I was little, but yesterday I was looking through one for the first time in years. However, later I realized that everything we see in this life actually is like the images we see when we are looking through a kaleidoscope. Maybe it does not always appear to be as colorful and beautiful as the kaleidoscope I was looking through yesterday, but the way it works is the same.

The enchanting thing about kaleidoscopes is not just that they can create beautiful art, but also that this art can only last for seconds before it is replaced by another unique one and no matter how long we turn and try to find the same pattern, we just cannot see the exact same image twice. Sometimes we experience déjà vus in our lives which is French for “already seen”. We might sometimes think that we have already seen or lived through something, but the situation is never exactly the same, it is just very similar or a trick of our mind. Just like the pattern in a kaleidoscope, what we observe in real life can never be exactly the same.

Another parallel between our everyday lives and the images seen through a kaleidoscope is that even though everything changes it is made up of the same parts. We ourselves are made up of tiny particles and everything around us is as well. These particles do not just disappear or appear out of nowhere they just get rearranged, but what we see can be completely different. I’m not much of a science person, but it amazes me how, for example, the same particles a person was once made of can be rearranged to become part of a tree without resembling a human being at all.

What bothers me a little about kaleidoscopes is that they can be easily explained through physics. Similarly most things in our lives can nowadays be explained by science. I personally like mysteries and don’t necessarily want explanations for why everything is the way it is. I feel like the less I know about science the more I can believe in magic and I really enjoy believing in what others consider impossible. So when I look through a kaleidoscope I don’t think about the way the light gets refracted by the mirrors and so on, I simply enjoy the fact that something amazing has been created before my eyes


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