Life Just Isn’t Fair

It’s a pretty obvious fact that life is not fair and it will most probably never be. I’m usually a pretty optimistic person who thinks that someday my dreams will come true and I will live happily ever after and change the world, but once I get out of the dream world I’ve seem to have created in my head reality just looks utterly dark and hopeless. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my dreams though.

Anyhow reality is a sad place where life just isn’t fair. In reality no one choses what parents they are born to, what country they are born in or even if they want to be born in the first place. All these things wouldn’t make a difference if everyone was born into a world with the same opportunities, but the opportunities are not the same at all. While some children get to go to school others don’t even know what that is. While some people simply inherit money others work hard in order to survive.

In English class some people mentioned someone they knew who had come from a bad background and had achieved a good life through hard work. They said that those examples proved that anyone could achieve their dreams if they just tried hard enough, but in my opinion this is not true at all. The stories told in class were exceptions, most people are not exceptions though and not everyone can be that “one in a million” person. If the world gave everyone what they deserved I don’t know how it would look, but it would look a lot different from how it does now.

Creating a fair world is a really hard if not impossible task. We also mentioned in class that Europe is closest to a Utopian society. Well, obviously Europe is still far, far away from that, but if we consider every continent in the world we might say that this is true. However this doesn’t mean that Europe is close to Utopia. If we take a look at Germany for example I would say that the government tries to make life fair for all people and the government tries to give everyone the same opportunities, but it’s simply not that successful because of the “human” factor. For example poor people get paid from the government so they can have a life and somehow get a job, but there are just too many people who don’t even try. They come up with various reasons, so that they simply get paid from the government for doing nothing and just being lazy. Obviously the money those people get, come from taxes which are taken from hard working citizen. How is that fair?

In English class we also said that people always want more, which is true, but the given examples were about strikes and protests to lower working hours or increase salaries. It was said that even though European people should have nothing to complain about they still do because they are greedy, but I don’t agree with that. Those people do have things to complain about and they fight for their rights instead of letting the government do whatever they want to. In countries like Turkey, where people are mostly afraid to stand up for their rights, citizens complain and talk about how unfair life is, but they don’t do anything to change it.

If the people of a country don’t speak up for themselves no one else will..


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