Such A Small World

Could you imagine living in a certain place for a few years, moving somewhere else before you even start middle school, going to university somewhere else, marrying someone from a different country, becoming a mother, living in five different countries, but in the end coming back to your hometown after about twenty years and starting a relationship and moving in with the guy you had been neighbors with before you had moved for the first time? Well, this really happens and it proves just how small our world is and how unexpected life can be.

I found out that my mom and her boyfriend lived in the same neighborhood as children.  My uncle was friends with my mom’s boyfriend’s brother and they have many friends in common. Even though they were close to the friends they had in common throughout the years they weren’t close to each other before my mom got to know her boyfriend as an adult. I mean, how great are the chances that someday you’re going to end up with some guy from your neighborhood, someone you didn’t really know or weren’t even interested in. What if someone you just saw driving by on a bicycle becomes the person you share your life with thirty years later.

This just really caught my attention because it shows how small and random the world is. It seems like my mom lived in a completely different world for over twenty years when she was with my father and lived in countries like Romania, Poland or Turkmenistan and all of a sudden after all these years of travelling she returns to her old world, in Ankara, and starts living with the guy she had seen in her neighborhood when she was about six years old. There were so many possibilities, but somehow she ended up where she had begun…


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