Travelling Through Memories

My first diary entry ever was on the 13th of December 2004 and my handwriting is really big and each line is written in a different color. It’s also written in Polish and is not really thick because I haven’t written every day, but it does have some really nice memories in it. I’m just really glad to have it because there is no way I would have remembered what I have in my diary if I hadn’t written it down.

I believe that keeping a diary is a really great habit and to this day I have had many diaries. Of course they are not all complete and sometimes I have even skipped several months, but nevertheless each of them is worth having. Thanks to these diaries I can not only see how my life has changed and how the people around me have changed, but probably most importantly I can see the way I’ve changed and what makes me who I am today. Even the fact that my diaries are written in four different languages, depending on where I lived and to which schools I went to, tell something about me. I can see how my handwriting has changed and even guess the mood I was in while writing a diary entry depending on the colors I’ve used and if I have paintings with the text.

There is just a so much I can learn from my own diaries, but there is also a lot I can learn from other diaries. Lately I’ve been reading my dad’s diary from the 90’s. I was born in 1995, so I’ve also found out some things about myself like the fact that my second name might have been Angelina, but what I really wanted was to get to know the man I call my hero and role model better. The diary tells me a lot about him and about his perspective on life and even though he had awful handwriting it’s really worth reading.

Someday I also want to leave my stories behind for my kids or friends, so that if I cannot be there for them they can still learn from my diaries and just get to know me better if they want to. Something else I love about diaries is that when you look back there are not just sad stories  in them, but mostly stories about your greatest experiences and adventures, stories you can lough about no matter how old they get. Diaries are a great way to travel through your memories because if you don’t save your memories somewhere other than your mind, they might just slip away and after you’re gone they might just go with you.


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