17 Days until I’m Home Again

17 Days.. 17 more days and I’m home. In 17 days I get to hug my mom. In 17 days I get see my friends. In 17 days I get to annoy my cat, Kaju, again.

Every December has been a countdown since I can remember. Opening advent calenders until it’ s finally Christmas, lighting a candle each Sunday and basically waiting for Santa. However, this year I’m having a different countdown. I’m 1952 miles away from home and I’m counting down the days for my return.

Counting down days is all I’ve been doing for the past two months. I cross off a day on my calendar every night. I  go to  bed knowing that when I wake up I’ll be closer to going home. It might not actually be changing anything and it’s not magically speeding up time, but it somehow comforts me. Having started of at about 60 and being at 18 days seems like a huge achievement and to be honest putting a cross on my calender to mark the end of yet another day is probably one of the highlights of my days (I just now realize how sad that sounds 😀 ).

Anyways, so I decided to make my own kind of countdown. Everyday until I’m finally back home I’ll be posting about something that I miss. If I’m honest this is probably going to be a huge food list, but trust me Turkish food is really delicious!

The Countdown:

16 Days until Gözleme

15 Days until Baking with Beyza

14 Days until İrmik Helvası

13 Days until Tavla

12 Days until Kumpir

11 Days until Sushi

10 Days until Salep

9 Days until Curly Fries at the Movies

8 Days until Baklava

7 Days until I Get to Drive ‘My’ Car

6 Days until Simit & Açma

5 Days until Dolma

4 Days until Laser Tag

3 Days until Kısır

2 Days until the Return of the Epic Blanket Fort

1 Day until Ayran


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Countdown.”


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