16 Days until Gözleme

Spinach & Feta Cheese Gözleme

Only 16 days until I get to go home and finally get to eat gözleme again! Gözleme is one of my favorite Turkish foods and it’s not just easy to make or get if you’re ever in Turkey, but it also goes well with or as any meal.

Gözleme is basically very thin hand-rolled dough which can be filled with various ingredients. Most traditionally you’ll see it made on a griddle. The fillings often differ in the various regions of Turkey, but most commonly you can choose meat, cheese or vegetable fillings. My personal favorite is gözleme with a potato filling. I also like it with kaşar which is a Turkish cheese and it is also very tasty without any fillings. (Click here for an easy recipe)

One of the last places I went to eat gözleme was Papazın Bağı. My mom knew this restaurant from her childhood and when we drove across town to get there we weren’t even certain if it still existed. Now if you’ve ever been to Ankara you’ll know that it’s not the greenest city (credit for that also goes to our president who seems to have some unresolved issues with trees and just can’t seem to stop cutting them down) Anyhow, this place was a great surprise, one that I didn’t realize even existed. Although it is in one of the most populated areas of the city, once you enter Papazın Bağı you feel as if you’re in a deep forest. It almost seems enchanted, instead of honking cars you hear ducks and instead of massive buildings you see trees and ponds.

Eğmir Gölü

Another place that comes to my mind when I think about gözleme is the Eğmir lake near Ankara. Almost each time we go for a walk around the lake we stop for gözleme there. Well, at the same time the lake reminds me of a German saying, ‘geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid’ which somewhat translates into ‘shared pain is halved pain’ and which is also the excuse my best friend always used to drag me along for jogs around this lake, but that’s another story.






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