15 Days until Baking with Beyza

557933_10200700673137832_1776574548_n (2)
Birthday Cake!

Before I came to university I used to bake a lot. In fact I was even considering going to pastry school. I baked cakes, cookies and cupcakes for whatever ocassions I could find or I just baked for the fun of it and my friends got to eat a lot of free cake πŸ˜€

Especially now with Christmas coming up I just want to bake lots of Christmas cookies. This is something I’ve done every year that I can remember. First I used to bake them with my mom, but for the past few years the Christmas cookie baking task has been entirely mine and since I’m going home in 15 days I’ll be able to do that again.

Throughout the years I like to think that my baking skills have improved. When my friend and I first started baking we occasionally placed the wrong things in the owen, we melted some stuff and making some pretty weird cupcakes (some advice: don’t bake jelly beans). Even though our baking has improved, the kitchen still ends up being a mess.

Anyways I guess that’s how I learn. If I had just given up after making some bad cupcakes I probably wouldn’t be able to bake some pretty good ones now. I’m just glad I can cross off yet another day from my calender and be one step closer to going home and baking with my friend.

Here are some of my previous creations:

20140310_212811 (2)
cupcakes for a birthday
20140310_212833 (2)
More birthday cupcakes!
My oreo cake
IMG-20140619-WA0022 (2)
Cat cake for mom’s birthday




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