Apologizing to my Phones

I’ve had several cell phones over the years, some of them lasted longer, some passed quite quickly. All of them probably deserve some sincere apologies.

My first phone was one of the first ones ever with a colored screen. My parents had bought it for as a Christmas present after I had gotten lost on our skiing trip. We went through a lot together, accidentally went swinging together and eventually I lost it… or so we thought.

That’s when I got my second cell phone. It was one of those you could slide open, which was obviously much cooler to show off as a kid. Of course new cell phones were coming out all the time and after a few years I decided to save up some money to get myself a new phone. In the meantime my phone pretty much went through hell, I kept dropping it, It even fell down four slights of stair and if it was actually a living being I’m pretty sure it would have died several times. Sorry about that…

Eventually I bought myself a corby, this was my first cell phone with a touch screen. I was really excited about it, downloaded lot’s of games and music and we were quite happy for a long time.

In the meantime we had found my first ever cell phone between the seats of our car. Sure it was still functional, but I had gotten over it a long time ago and didn’t really care much for it. So I guess if this phone actually had feelings I would’ve pretty much broken its heart. Sorry…

Of course I also broke my corby’s heart (again I apologize). After about four years I gave it to my mom, so that I could get a new phone. For the last two years I’ve had my current phone. We’re pretty happy together and it easily keeps up with me. Being a Samsung galaxy note 2 it can even be considered pretty new (even though there’s note 3 now…) I had to apologize several times for dropping it and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do some more apologizing in the future..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”


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