Make it Anywhere

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Make It Anywhere.”

I haven’t really thought about this before, but I guess I would feel pretty good if I did make it in New York. As an aspiring writer/journalist/unsure-of-what-to-become-person I believe that making it in a city such as New York would almost mean being able to make it anywhere.

Next year I’m actually hoping to go to a university in New York as an exchange student. I must admit that the main reason I chose this university not just because it’s a great opportunity for me, but also because I’ll be pretty close to my friends who are also studying in universities across the US. But now that I actually think about what it would mean to make it in New York, I realize that it would be a great step towards a career as… well I really don’t know yet.

Of course making it in New York is anything but easy. In a city of over 8 million people you’re likely to get lost and overseen. Then again it’s also one of the greatest cities for creative studies and arts which means that I might just find the right people and means to actually ‘make it’.


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