13 Days until Tavla

Tavla is a board game which you probably know as backgammon. The rules are quite straight forward, the playing pieces are set up and have to be moved and collected according to the roll of dice. Eventually the first person to collect all of their playing pieces wins.

20140725_143338 (2)
Playing Tavla

Tavla is a very popular game in Turkey and it always reminds me of vacations. The reason for this is because whether I’m at the beach in summer or on a skiing trip in winter I usually find a backgammon board and someone to play with all day. I should add that I’m a huge fan of board games, card games, actually any kind of games and I rarely get tired of playing them.

Obviously this summer was no different; in fact you could almost say that I became obsessed with playing backgammon. I spend most of my summer at the beach with my friends and we played backgammon pretty much all the time. I still believe that one of my friends is either a really good cheater or has some psychic ability when it comes to rolling dice; she always got the dice she needed and even predicted them correctly many time, so that got us pretty freaked out and perhaps a little paranoid. Still even though I did lose a couple of times it was great fun and I can’t wait to play backgammon again when I’m back in Turkey and hopefully on a skiing trip.



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