11 Days until Sushi

IMG_20131129_182237 (2)
My favorite: cucumber avocado sushi!

Well, since I’m going to Turkey you are probably wondering why I would be writing about sushi. Sushi might not be a Turkish dish, but it’s still one of my favorite dishes and it’s fun to make. Me and one of my closest friends often get together and just make Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes all day and later we eat them all night. Most commonly we make variations of sushi and pad thai, which are rice noodles with vegetables and tofu because I’m a vegetarian.

20140416_120236 (2)
Sushi & Pad Thai

Sushi isn’t the easiest thing to make and requires a lot of time, practice and patience.  So when we first started making sushi I had a hard time distributing the rice equally, making nice sushi rolls and I was pretty upset that making just six sushi pieces took such a long time. However, over the past years and with a lot of practice we improved quite a bit and even considered opening up a sushi business at one point.

Now making sushi and pad thai with my friend is one of my favorite hobbies. There’s just something calming and fun about creating seaweed rolls, but obviously the best part is still the eating!

More sushi creations!



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