10 Days until Salep

IMG-20141209-WA0010 (2)
Salep with cinnamon

Salep is a sweet, delicious hot drink made from orchid tubers. It is very popular in Turkey and always reminds me of cold, snowy winter days and skiing resorts.

I don’t usually drink much salep although it can be bought in most supermarkets in Turkey. To me salep is the delicious drink I always get after having skied all day. This started when I was in fifth grade and went on a skiing trip with my school in Turkey. It was an amazing and fun trip and if you ask me I believe that every school should go on skiing trips and I’m not just saying that because it happens to be my favorite sport.

At around five o clock the hotel we were at started serving cake, tea, coffee and of course salep. Ever since I’ve been going to that skiing resort almost every year and ever since I’ve been sitting in the lobby at five o clock, eating cake, playing games and drinking salep. This year I hope to do all that again, however I’ve missed salep so much that I will probably just drink a lot of it at home as well. Only 10 days to go! 😀



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