All or Nothing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

I feel like wanting nothing is definitely more dangerous than wanting everything. Obviously both of these things have their advantages and disadvantages, but wanting nothing seems more destructive to me.

I think that wanting everything, accomplishing all your goals in life is a natural thing. It is even beneficial to a certain point. Wanting nothing on the other hand is the same as giving up in life and in my experience that is never a good thing.

Maybe this isn’t the best example, but a few weeks ago I was so frustrated with university and living away from home that I wanted to throw it all away. I just wanted to give up and go back home and I didn’t care what was waiting for me there, I didn’t care about not having an education, I just wanted to go. Eventually I stayed, but sometimes I still have the urge to just go back home even though it might not be the smart thing to do and I might end up with nothing.

Someone who wants everything can become very successful, however if they’re unable to accomplish their goals they might find themselves in a very bad position as well. It might cause them to feel useless, depressed and unsuccessful if they don’t accept the simple fact that they just cannot have everything.

I believe that the ”All or Nothing” approach can’t really make you happy. While you should try to be your best and achieve your goals you should also be ready to accept the fact that sometimes you just simply can’t have it all.

All or Nothing?


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