8 Days until Baklava

How do I even begin to describe baklava? It’s this amazing sweet and syrupy, crunchy, yet soft, delicious Turkish pastry. I could go on about how delicious baklava is, but really to understand what I’m talking about you would have to taste it. The traditional baklava changes from region to region, but they all go great with kaymak (a delicious, creamy dairy product) or ice cream. Baklava comes in various forms and flavors, but each one is delicious in its own unique way.

Baklava is obviously not the healthiest dessert, but there was a time in my life in which I ate baklava every day and almost at every meal. This went on for an entire month during my summer job at a hotel in Dalaman. I didn’t particularly like the job, but I really loved the food, especially the baklava assortment. Every day I ended up eating about ten different types of baklava and I didn’t get sick of it at all. Thankfully my job was over after a month because otherwise I’d probably be about a hundred pounds heavier. Something that I also got to eat at the hotel was chocolate baklava, which is probably one of the most delicious thinks I ever ate in my life.

Here’s a video I found on how to make baklava at home:



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