The Climb

If you’re an Arrow fan and haven’t watched the latest episode yet I should probably warn you, Spoiler Alert!

Now I’m not sure if anyone, even Oliver Queen, can survive having a sword stabbed through his chest and then basically being pushed off a cliff. So I don’t think anyone can blame me for crying hysterically because I was pretty sure the producers of the show had gone all George R.R. Martin on Oliver and just killed him. It sure looks like the main character and the character that gives the show its name is dead.

After I finally stopped sobbing I started searching the internet to see whether there were spoilers about the next episode, which could lead me to some proof about Oliver still being alive. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but after I watched the trailer for the next episode I sensed some mixed signals.

Now you’ll notice the phrase ‘’Oliver Queen is dead’’ and his pretty much dead-looking body, but another word that appears is ‘’Survive.’’ Now I’m very much hoping that this word relates to Oliver, even though his survival seems impossible. Then again many things on TV seem impossible. So even though the trailer is fairly short and doesn’t provide much information it gave me hope. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out more, sadly I’ll have to wait 41 days (I love Christmas, but I hate waiting for new episodes.)


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