7 Days until I Get to Drive ‘My’ Car

Only one week is left until I’m finally home!

So today I want to talk about something that I’ve been missing a lot lately, especially since I’ve had to travel on foot these past few months. It’s my car. Well technically the car isn’t mine, but who cares about technicalities… It’s not really the type of car teenage girls usually drive and some might call it a truck, but after I got my driver’s license we became pretty much inseparable. Also everyone suddenly started mistaking me for their personal chauffeur, but I actually don’t mind since I really love to drive.

When I first got my driver’s license many people weren’t quite sure if they wanted to get into a car that I was driving. When I drove alone for the first time my mom acted like I was about to die and she seemed genuinely scared that I would never come back… alive. After a while though everyone got used to it and thus started our great adventures (okay, fine we didn’t really get much outside Ankara, but we still had pretty interesting trips).

Another part that I miss about my car is that the steering wheel is actually on left side. I also miss being able to cross the street without the fear of looking one way and having the car hit you from the opposite direction. It’s been over two months, but seeing cars drive on the opposite lanes than I’m used to still feels wrong.20130615_163213


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