6 Days until Simit & Açma


Simit and açma… those are some of the things I miss most about breakfast. They are different and delicious types of bread. Simit is probably the most common and you can find it anywhere in Turkey. If you’re in a city you’ll probably notice all the vendors selling circular, sesame crusted bread and they’ll most likely be screaming ‘’sıcak simit! taze simit!’’ which means ’’hot simit! fresh simit!’’

While simit is commonly sold by street vendors and probably one of the cheapest foods you can get, I would still consider it one of the most delicious bread, which tastes great all by itself and will fill you up. Simit is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and it tastes really good with cream cheese.



Açma is probably my favorite and it can be plane or with various fillings like potato, cheese, olives or even chocolate. It’s a very fluffy type of bread and if you ever come across a simitçi (a simit vendor) there’s a likelihood that he’ll be selling açma as well.

Without simit and açma our weekend family breakfasts just wouldn’t be the same and certainly not as delicious. I miss those foods very much because not only do they remind me of my family, but they’re also a reminder of my past few years and my life in Turkey. They remind me of the breaks in school when I would often eat açma or even of simply walking down a street and buying simit simply because I love the taste.
(The images are taken from http://www.simitsarayi.com)


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