5 Days until Dolma

stuffed vine leaves

There are various types of dolma, but basically they’re all stuffed vegetables. The stuffing may include minced meat, but since I’m a vegetarian I prefer what is called “zaytinyağlı dolma” which means dolma with olive oil and refers to dolma with rice fillings. This type of dolma is commonly served cold.

Back home my favorite type of dolma is yaprak sarma, which are vine leaves stuffed with rice. This always reminds me of my Cici Anne, who isn’t technically my grandmother, but the closest thing I had to a grandmother in the past few years. She just recently passed away and I’ll always remember her as a loving grandmother who never missed a chance to make me stuffed vine leaves because she knew that they were my favorite. She was quite old and making stuffed vine leaves is not only hard but also time consuming, so I guess I just wish that I could thank her one more time for all the effort she always went through just to make me happy.

stuffed pepper

The most common dolma my mom makes are stuffed peppers. Often she also makes stuffed zucchini, eggplant or tomato. All of those are delicious and go great with yogurt, which is another thing that I miss about Turkey. The yogurt in the UK, even the Greek yogurt really doesn’t taste like the yogurt back home. I don’t know exactly why they are s  o different, but I do prefer the Turkish yogurt.

Other types of dolma which I really like are stuffed squash flowers and stuffed cabbage. Stuffed squash flowers always reminds me of summer and the beach since that’s when and where I usually get to eat them most. Really any kind of dolma is delicious in my opinion and all of them taste even better with yogurt.


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